Tacos, not just for Tuesday anymore

With all the fuss over the taco controversy I felt it necessary to post a blog with my thoughts and feelings as this whole thing has developed. What I want to express here is not exactly what happened or specifics, but how I have felt through this process. I want to express my emotions as this fireball exploded right in front of everyones faces.

I must say, I had known for about a week before I said anything on any social media forum. I had already spoken with my business partners about it and discussed options with my attorney. My mind was made up as to what I had to do. I had shared with a few friends about what was going on. My decision was to lay down, not to fight, to succumb to the man. This is not something that comes easily for me, I don’t give up very easily, but decided to do just that in this case. My thought was to rebrand the event. I was not going to stop the event. See, I started “Taco Tuesday” at Iguana to celebrate a milestone: our one year anniversary. It also helped prove the power that social media can deliver. I am very passionate about the weekly event. I by no means ever claimed to be the “inventor” of Taco Tuesday. I merely introduced the nationwide event to my hometown. Taco Tuesday is celebrated all over the country, with many different variations. I chose to make it my own, with my own twist. I’m not going to bore you any longer with the details of this, as I’m sure you’ve heard this story before.

I threw out a little tweet on Sunday morning about 10:50 a.m. Saying I needed to change them name, and asked for suggestions. The response and aftermath is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. People were responding and questioning. It didn’t take long for the masses to piece together who had done this. The tweets were posting and reposting, commenting on comments and coming with their own plans for how it should all play out.  As I was watching the whole thing develop, I couldn’t believe what I was witness to. Monday morning Steve Lackmeyer, reporter from The Oklahoman, called wanting more information for a story to run in the paper. The onslaught of tweets on Monday was more overwhelming than Sunday’s response. My phone was blowing up from friends asking about and offering advice. As Monday wore on, the negativity was growing. People talking trash about the taco chain. I watched and was very grateful to have so many supporters out there to come to my defense when needed. The negative part was not at all what I wanted.  I chose to stay very professional and ask that everyone please just stay positive, that we could change the name and move on.  Maybe now we have a better name?  Tuesday morning I woke about 4:15 a.m. to find out that KOCO, Oklahoma City ABC affiliate, was running a story on the event at 6 a.m. Fox 25 was calling, NEWS9 was coming to cover the story and OKLAVision shows up.  Suddenly I’m the owner of not just Iguanua’s Taco Tuesday, but my very own a media circus.  I honestly didn’t think that tweeting to ask advice on a name change would turn into anything of this magnitude.  I can’t tell you enough — the community support was overwhelming.  Do people love the tacos that much? Do people love me that much? Or are we Okies that bonded together that we are not going to let someone step in and “bully” one of our own? I would love to think the first two are the reason, but I feel like the latter is probably it.  We will not stand for this type of treatment to one of our own.  We will not tolerate an outsider to come in to our comminuty and tell us what to say.  That, my friends, is why this state and city are the BEST!!!! We don’t have to try to be “west coast” or “more like Austin.” I’m sick of that. I want to the rest of the country to say, “WE wish we were more like OKC”.  I have always been proud of the state I’m from, and been a proponent to friends and collegues all over the country, but never before have I been more proud than I am right now.  OKC, I LOVE YOU!!!! AND ALL THE AMAZING, TALENTED, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE THAT MAKE THIS PLACE SO GREAT, KEEP BEING TRUE AND MAKING THIS PLACE A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE AND RAISE FAMILIES!!!!

And I’m also confused as to what this has to do with selling Tacos?

So the question of the week.  What will the new name be? well that remains to be seen.  Look at my twitter (@chefrp) and facebook (Iguana Mexican) for updates and voting regualtions.  I can tell you that I never thought killing “Taco Tuesday” would be so much fun, but it is!  BTW, anyone have a hearse and casket I can borrow?


~ by chefrp on 08.06.10.

19 Responses to “Tacos, not just for Tuesday anymore”

  1. Ryan, you my friend are the essence of what is OKC and why people take pride in this great city. Consider yourself loved as we consider ourselves fortunate to have you.

    I don’t care what we call it. There will only ever be one place to buy Tacos on Tuesday for me.

  2. What a classy response, ChefRP! It’s no wonder you have such a loyal following in OKC.

    How about #TacoToday ?

  3. Ryan, You will always have the support of the community. Remember that your “following” far exceeds the OKC City Limits. As a Norman citizen, I love my time at your restaurant ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! Keep making great food, hiring rock star staff, providing an excellent ambiance and we promise to keep coming in to eat, connect, and laugh!
    Sincerely, One of YOUR biggest fans-In and Out of the kitchen!

  4. Excellent! We support you 100% no matter what. Even those of us that have only been there once or twice took up this cause knowing how great the Iguana is, knowing that we had to show our support for our local (great) businesses. You took the high road, & that is very, VERY admirable! Many, MANY restaurants should pay attention. THIS is how you do business. Please your regulars, impresses the n00bs, & show come class when confronted with an issue. You, sir, are a testament to what an Oklahoma Business is! Hats off & glasses up to you!

  5. Go Ryan! You are a class act and it’s rallying around you and the tradition you started as much as anything else. 🙂

  6. RP,

    As much fun as it was to completely bash Taco John’s, I don’t think anyone took for granted the most amazing and probably humbling thing you could have done, and that was spare yourself and the Iguana major pesos – and changed the name without a big public fight. It shows the class and dignity that Oklahoma City has become known for, not to mention the Iguana as well as yourself.

    RIP “Taco Tuesday”. We anxiously await the dawn of a new era.

  7. You sir are my hero. I’m so proud to call you my friend and watch your unyielding professionalism, every when the community (including myself) didn’t always follow suit.

  8. Friend you were never anything but civil. You are very much loved in this city and people seriously felt that someone was lashing out at one of their own. When I did my post about Taco Tuesday a few weeks ago, I went around Iguana and asked people what brought them there that day and what continued to bring them back. I got a variety of answers. For the most part it was more than just the tacos, the vibe of the place keeps people coming back. That my friend was instilled by you. As walked around that night, many people I posed my questions to, turned and pointed at you. Without a chefrp there would be no Taco Tuesday at Iguana OKC.

  9. Ryan I applaud the way you handled this craziness. Of course we love you, the food, the community, and everything that Iguana represents. You’ve created something that is much more than a phrase can represent. I always tell people, just come out, you’ll have a great time, meet new people, and enjoy the best Mexican food in OKC!

  10. Well said, brother. Proud of how you handled this. 🙂

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  12. I think the responses were a combination of the three. I don’t eat at Iguana often, but enjoy it each time I do. I’ve never attended TT, but I know it’s become something of a ritual for others in OKC. And there’s no questioning that you and Iguana give much back to the community. I love the fact that there are so many unique restaurants in Oklahoma City. Yes, I’m sure there is competition for business, but everyone seems to inherently know when to put competition aside to celebrate the spirit we have here.

  13. Great post man. The way you handled this was nothing short of a huge display of your personal character coupled with an extremely business savvy mind. At the end of the day, what life on or offline boils down to is community, transparency and how we conduct ourselves whenever real situations present themselves like this one… Now, with everything out in the open, hyper-communicated in realtime (which I commented on Mike Koehler’s blog post here in more detail about it > http://goo.gl/DzMe) Proud to call you one of my very best friends, and your class act handling of this whole series of events is just one of the many reasons why. now even more people what you are truly made of. You are loved by a lot of people. I’m Not sure what to rename it, but one thing I am quite sure of…it will always live on through your vision and all the awesome people that help built it, Together.

  14. Ryan, I think you did right, and obviously the results speak for themselves. A name is just a name. Call it a Fiesta of Folded Fun if you want. Its the atmosphere, food and fun that folks flock for. So many people do not get Oklahoma City. This town, and the people in it have had a major inferiority complex for as long as I can remember. We don’t need to be more like anywhere. Our town, as like any town is defined by those that live here, and that makes our town pretty damn dynamite. You are one of those people, so keep on keepin’ on. we got your back.


  15. Ryan, so proud of you. Character, Quality and Class. You represent OKC with everything we want to the world to see.

  16. Hey Ryan, might I suggest Iguana call it “Absolutely no Trademark Infringement at all, Tuesday,” or, would that be too cheeky??


  17. I’m still up with “Tasty Tuesdays.” It’s funny that a national chain feels threatened by a single restaurant. I’ve never tried their tacos, but I’m sure it won’t hold a candle to Iguana. Gotta love those lawyers!

  18. RP, Way to keep your eyes on the prize. Taco John’s might have the trademark, but you’ve got love, respect and tacos to be proud of — none of with Johnny Taco and his Taco Monkey can boast. #talkobouttuesdays

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